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2018 CREATE 4 FREEDOM℠ Contest

THE MILL, in association with 4 Freedoms Festival, LLC, presents the CREATE 4 FREEDOM℠ contest, which challenges today’s high school students to examine the meaning of freedom in 2018.  

2018 Winners

Upon reviewing contest entries, Joshua Sherman, M.D. (President of THE MILL and Founder of the 4 FREEDOMS FESTIVAL℠) reflected, “No freedom ranks above the other, but it is both fascinating and disturbing that 77 years after F.D.R.’s State of the Union Address, the majority of our young poets and artists instinctively responded to Freedom from Fear.”

The Winner of the 2018 CREATE 4 FREEDOM℠ Art contest is 17 year old Larissa Weber from Anderson, Indiana.

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The Winner of the 2018 CREATE 4 FREEDOM℠ Poetry Contest is Jamar Beauford from Hudson, New York for his entry “SILKY”.


Winners will have their entries published in the Fall 2018 edition of Stratton Magazine and receive the “Stand Up Proud Award” at the TRIBUTE 4 FREEDOM℠ on July 21, 2018, where they will be medaled by Chard deNiord, Poet Laureate of Vermont. The winners’ work will be displayed at Southern Vermont Arts Center’s Arkell Pavillion in Manchester, Vermont, and each will be awarded a $500.00 cash prize.

Contest finalists will also have their work on display during the 4 FREEDOMS FESTIVAL℠ weekend and receive a $50.00 cash prize.

Contest Finalists with honorable mention include Kaylee Bushee, Audrianna Ennis, Tea Oakes, Ben O’Kesson, Logan Kitzby, Arianna Barrios, Grace Katrick, Erin Kopeski, Tess Belnap, and Hollie Hill.